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Insights on Systems Dynamics & Its Relevance in Sub-Sahara Africa (SSA)

Dr. Mathias M. Fonkam, Damian Feese, Felicia Ikwu, Ama Oruomabo, Omasirichukwu Udeinya 1.       Introduction  Systems dynamics is an offshoot or specialization of systems thinking that emphasizes the special role of computer simulation for understanding the dynamic complexity that is an intrinsic part of most management type problems and finding leverage points within the system from which fundamental, long lasting interventions might be effected with a hope to improving the problem situation. Both represent a paradigm shift from the traditional scientific method. The scientific approach to complexity is reductionist by nature since it prescribes breaking complex problems down into their parts with the hope that an understanding of those parts, or indeed a solution to the sub-problems they represent, can be assembled for the whole. Like systems thinking,  systems dynamics is a holistic approach to complexity that emphasizes the importance of the connectedness between the componen