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Guns: Powder and Blood

Guns, Powder and Blood A gun is a device that can fire projectiles at high velocity. These projectiles otherwise known as bullets are propelled by black powder called gun powder. The high speed projectile can cause tremendous damage to anything it strikes. It was quickly adapted for wars and military conquests because of its enormous destructive power. It has also been used by countries to defend against foreign powers. However, the gun came with its advantages and disadvantages. It has been adopted by criminals as a tool for intimidation. It has been adopted by murderers because it simplifies the job of killing. Many people still disagree over the balance of its advantages vs. its disadvantages thus gun control and regulation has been the center of debate for many years. Gun control advocates on one hand and gun advocates on the other seem to balance each other in this argument. However, gun advocates fail to realize that there has been a dramatic increase in violen